Saving Script Output of User Data on EC2 Instances on Windows

What is the best way for many users to control EC2 instances?

Summary: How can I get several developers to be able to start and stop a shared Amazon EC2 instance? I've got a project where I'm using an EC2 instance for work that persists from day to day, so I 'start' my server when I come into the office, and 's

Which user initiated the EC2 instance?

I have some EC2 instances that I don't really know who launched them. Is there a way to know who launched a specific instance?Unfortunately this information is not directly available via an API call - you currently have two options: depending on your

How to extract CloudWatch metrology data for EC2 instances

I want to fetch the Cloudmetrics data for my EC2 instance so that I can draw graphs using those data and display it on my android device. How do I do that? Is there any sample program or tutorial for the same? Thanks in advance. This is what I am doi

How to Run Programmatically or Remotely a Program in EC2 Instance of Windows

I'd like to launch an EC2 Windows instance, upload an EXEecutable & execute it (all in an automated fashion, this is important) So far I was able to programmatically launch EC2 Windows instance & get its parameters (password / IP), now I'd like to

Amazon EC2 Instances and Windows - a way to get a drive letter assignment?

I have Windows EC2 instances that I am managing via a C# application; I'm using the AWS.NET SDK. I'm trying to figure out from the documentation if there is anyway to query the API and get the volume-to-drive letter assignment within the instances. F

Python Boto created the #include cloud-init script that does not work on EC2

I've run out of ideas, would appreciate some help. I'm starting and EC2 Ubuntu 12.04 instance and adding the following script to the user data: #!/usr/bin/env python import sys from boto.s3.connection import S3Connection AWS_BOOTSTRAP_BUCKET = 'myBuc

save user data for one day (same day -> many user data)

I have an application where the user enters data in edittext and presses the save button. By pressing 'save' I save in a file the user data (in one column) and the current date (in the other column). Then , I press another button and make the plot (u

Who triggers aws user data?

I have see all the document on the AWS, but I still don't konw who trigger the user-data after the operation system is installed. Is the startup script automatically run the user-data(and download the content of user-data) or the AWS server will 'cal

EC2 User Data Script .sh File and Manual Execute Differ

I am trying to execute the following user data script sudo wget -P /opt sudo tar -xvf /opt/myTar.tar -C /opt sudo /opt/ When I execute the .sh file manually I see this: Extracting... Unpacking...

Pass the script as user data in the AWS EC2 spot instance

I am trying to create a new spot request using aws cli but it gives me an error if i pass a shell script as user-data to spot request i tried this aws ec2 request-spot-instances --spot-price "0.04" --instance-count 1 --launch-specification "

Amazon EC2 - User Data Not Working for AMI Bundle / Snapshot

I started an default instance of EC2 Wowza AMI (LINUX) and then I bundled/snapshot it via 'ec2-bundle-vol', uploaded it to s3 and registered the AMI. When I start the bundled AMI with user data (zip file) with a script, it doesn't seem to execute it.

Python string replacement str type error build dynamic aws script user data

The problem: I'm trying to dynamically build a python user-data script for amazon in a jenkins deploy script and pass it to an ASG to be executed at runtime. I pass my vars to the deploy script and then dynamically create the python script based on a

User data scripts fail without giving reason

I am starting a Amazon Linux instance (ami-fb8e9292) using the web console, pasting data into the user data box to run a script upon startup. If I use the example given by amazon to start a web server, it works. But when I run my own script (also a #

AWS EC2 Starting Configuration User Data - Command Not Found

For AWS EC2 (Amazon Linux) launch configuration, I have set some userdata having some sequence of commands which looks like below. #!/bin/bash -exv \n", "#Execute Init resource\n", "whoami\n", "pwd\n", "npm -v\n&quo