Gitlab clone private repo using api

Export / Import API Using Api Manager 2.1

I've been following this link to export my api using Api Manager 2.1., but my api doesn't supposed to have authentication, so I'm trying do like that: curl -H "Authorization:None" -X GET "https://localhost:9444/api-import-export-2.1.0-v2/ex

how to update the table using api in codeigniter

I'm stuck at updating table row using api in codeigniter, i already have read tutorial from code tutsplus but there's no spesific to do it, so i tried by myself and got stuck :-( url request: http://localhost/work/bnilife/v1/signup/user/post?nopol=a1

Is there a way to get the last tag of a given repo using github API v3

I am relatively new to the github api and I am struggling to get the latest tag of a given repo. Q: Why I need that ? A: As a QA I am responsible for testing and releasing to LIVE and our team owns around 40 artefacts(repos in github). I want to buil

Private viewers using the YouTube API

Has anyone been able to set who can view a private video on YouTube using the API?The API isn't designed for this, so it's either very difficult or impossible. You can only share a private video with 25 of your friends, so you have to first be friend

Private use API Xamarin iOS

I would like to implement an iOS private API in my Xamarin project. Can someone explain, how I can implement the following private API in Xamarin? I think I need to create a binding project, but I cannot get it to work. The following code works when

Accessing a private object using java reflection api

Can I access and get the value of object using java reflection ther is method to get --getLong,getInt ,but I couldn't find getObject()Are you looking for simply Field.get(Object obj)?

Distinction between private and public / api in ios courses at the time of execution

I am finding the view hierarchy of one of the view in iOS Application. When i was parsing the view hierarchy(by using command view.superview in loop and printing the view description), i got many objects of the private classes like UILayoutContainerV

BigCommerce private applications use OAuth

I am very confused by the BC documentation on their API, because they let you create "Draft Apps" (private apps) and now I see that in their documentation they say "We do not currently provide a means of keeping OAuth apps private.". M

How to get a country code from a mobile phone number using api libphonenumber in Android

I am using libphonenumber api in android project, I am getting country code using following code PhoneNumberUtil phoneUtil = PhoneNumberUtil.getInstance(); try { PhoneNumber numberProto = phoneUtil.parse(numb

How do I download a single raw file from a Github private account using the command line?

On the CI server, I want to fetch a config file that we maintain on Github so it can be shared between many jobs. I'm trying to get this file via curl, but these approaches both fail (I get a 404): # As advised by the oAuth docs curl -H 'Authorizatio

I want to create a versioned file following mercurial & ldquo; Hg clone & lt; Repo url & gt; & Rdquo;

When cloning a repository in Mercurial, is there a way to create a target folder based on the latest changeset? Example: $ hg clone 'myrepo-$VERSION' The folder should be named after the version of the project, e.g., my

How to extract cross-database references using API script

Microsoft has exposed the scriptdom API to parse and generate TSQL. I'm new to it and still playing with it. I want to know how to get the cross databases references from queries like this one. UPDATE t3 SET description = 'abc' FROM

Paging in Django-Rest-Framework using API-View

I currently have an API view setup as follows: class CartView(APIView): authentication_classes = [SessionAuthentication, TokenAuthentication] permission_classes = [IsAuthenticated, ] api_view = ['GET', 'POST'] def get(self, request, format=None): try

Course catalog of course by using api of rest

I am using open api given by course era. Problem is that its giving only list of 100 courses,i checked on website there are 1294 courses listed.then why it is giving 100 courses on request. my code is <?php $url = "