Google has a plan for fixing Android's slow share menu

We'll be honest, we think Android as a whole is pretty swell, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be better. One of our bigger gripes with the platform has been the super slow and laggy share UI , which takes ages to populate even on the latest flagship hardware. Thankfully, according to a recent tweet by Android engineering VP Dave Burke, Google is working on a redesign.

It's a priority, just a big job. We're working on a redesign with a different underlying data model (push vs pull) that will be much faster and nicer to use.

— Dave Burke (@davey_burke) November 9, 2018

The current share interface works by repopulating the list literally every time it's opened, which is a slow and tedious affair. Even if you haven't installed any new apps, Android will go through placing a query for the intent again, cumulatively wasting plenty of time and performance on the act. But according to Burke, fixing this is a priority.

The sum total of what we know encompasses a single tweet, character limit and all, but we're told Google plans to move to a "push" model compared to the current "pull" model, which should speed things up.

Perhaps in the future, we'll hear more. But for now, at least we know it's being worked on.